You ears crave the sunshine as much as you do.

I have been thinking of making this playlist for so long. Ever since being stuck in gloomy god-damn -old days in Michigan–I am not surprised at all the fact that Michigan ranks the number two in the most miserable state winter list.

You may wonder which poor fellow state take place the No.1? Well, let’s cross the Lake Michigan, send our condolences to the Minnesotans who are surviving in the blizzard in the half time of a year.

When I lived in a small peaceful lake town called Winona in Minnesota last year, I discovered a local band that is making warm, cheerful music that makes you feel the fresh breeze flowing on your brow, and listening to the dash of the waves on the beach.

They name themselves Sleeping Jesus, and define their music “Love Songs with a touch of Indie Rock.” The first time being their live show at the Ed’s No name Bar, I smelled the evening that filled with wet and salty air, unwittingly. While they released a song called California At Dawn with its clean, vibrant guitar tone and mellow vocal.

Unsurprisingly, a group of Midwestern musicians is making Cali-vibe music amazingly to please every craving ears. That explained why post-punk had been a huge thing out there in Mexico City—- a frigid sound to calm people down, and I realized that when I went a post-punk party happening in that tropical city in a low-key dark chilly atmosphere.

Anyway, here’s my all-time sunshine pop/ surf rock playlist to feed my ears with sweet sunshine in the fight with coldness while getting through the winter.

1.Funny How Love Can Be by Chad & Jeremy.
2.San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie.
3.Another Time by Sagittarius
4. Fallin’ In Love by The Beach Boys
5.Walk Don’t Run by The Ventures.
6.Bustin’ Surfboards by The Tornados.
7.Diamond Head by The Ventures
8.Floating Vibes by Surfer Blood
9.Ocean by Thom Fekete
10.Surf Like An Egyptian by The Razorblades

Your Mom’s Wrost Nightmare: Slime


Formed at a lansing Fusion show  in August 2016, the duo Your Mom’s Worst Nightmare just released their debut album entitled Slime, two days after their show in Mac’s bar.  You might have to see this longer name showing up more on gig flyers in the future. If the name doesn’t draw you in, their music will.

With Jaxon on drums, Dez on guitar—half the time they switch over and both master the vocal role.They identify themselves as garage punk and “shake-your-ass jams,” some of their influences are clearly can be recognized out, such like Sonic Youth- kind fuzzy, Lou Reed-kind lyrical, and Jimi Hendrix-kind funky. When elements all meet together, They don’t sound like anything existing. It’s authentic like that.

“I want to find something new and make some real art,” says Jaxon.

This 5-song EP is totally a nightmare, in a stimulating way. The entire listening experience brings you back to those moments when you wake up from full-blown dark nightmares, and suddenly realize they are incredibly plotty, engaging and fascinating,  the realization and illusion all in “Damn I wanna dream it again.”

On Something and Freaktastic, they align the noises and sinewy vocal of Jaxon, following the austere kick of massive drums which is also noticeable in the rest of tracks. Then come with the manic crescendo of guitar that penetrates the atmosphere, all the way towards a murky direction.

One track that stands out of named The Fool, featuring Dez’s don’t-give-a-damn vocal that right behind every single bluesy guitar rhythm played by the guest musician Stop Bobby Hatch.

Dez sings, “Drink to the fool, a crazy fool who told his baby ‘Goodbye’…He needs her.He wonders why he let her go. ” It sounds nonchalant and lazy, but intoxicating enough to get you trapped in an endearing whirlpool.

Slime is an album that shreds everything right in front of you by an overall air of garage and noisy punk. They are obscure, repulsive but it’s hard to look away. It is all just a nightmare–not only your mom’s.

As a newly formed band, they have done an ace job impressively.  Listen to Slime on Bandcamp. Like them on Facebook page for more update of upcoming shows.

Your Mom’s Worst Nightmare is playing a house show on Friday, Jan 27th in Mason, MI which features Stop Bobby Hatch in the lineup as well.Come down to the hole in the ground and get funky!